Social Responsibility


The role of business is changing. It is now widely accepted that business has to do more than make a profit. It must also drive social and environmental change.

A combination of factors has led to a greater understanding of the connection and interdependency between business and society. There is now an expectation that business addresses social and environmental issues through its operations, products and services. At Safeaid we achieve this by:

Our marketplace/our customers
We believe integrity is a prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship and underpins our ethos. Personal contact, helpful and responsive action are key features of our service as is helping our customers achieve successful growth.

Our workplace
Our core business is twofold: - to design and source fully compliant, high quality, fit for purpose, innovative products and brands and to deliver and provide exceptional service to our customers.

We know that if we attract and retain the best people, we will deliver the best results for our customers. We pride ourselves on our teamwork and creating a climate of communication, involvement, responsibility and accountability. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.

Supporting our communities
We believe in supporting international, national and local communities and charities. We provide support in several ways; from financial donations to the Red Cross and The Children's Society - both charities take care of those often the most vulnerable in society - to providing products, people and services, on loan or free or charge.

Supporting the next generation
We sponsor and support a Career Advantage programme, designed and developed to support young people on the verge of entering the workplace. The programme is multi-faceted in its approach and provides the individual with a solid foundation on which to build their future career.

Managing our environmental impact.
We understand we have a responsibility to minimize the negative effects of climate change for future generations. Certain resources are finite and must be used responsibly. In respect of our own operations, we recycle and reuse as many elements as possible, utilise non-polluting technology and encourage similar working practices with suppliers and other stakeholders.