First Aid

First Aid – Eyewash  Station
First Aid – Eyewash Station

If your workforce work with or near hazardous chemicals, an eyewash station is an absolute must. Housed in a high visibility, wall mounted container, our eyewash station includes sterile solution eyewash bottles, dressings and a mirror.

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Complete Site Base First Aid Kit

An essential and practical First Aid kit for high risk environments often referred to as a "mini paramedic's kit. Robust carry bag turns into a rucksack for hands free carrying & use.

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Complete Site Base First Aid Kit
Compact High Risk Kit
Compact High Risk Kit

Compact High Risk Kit in handy carry case, ideal for remote workers where medical help isn't readily available. Dimensions approx 6" x 4".

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Sharps Bin - 0.6 LTR

Portable sharps bin - equipped with a carry handle - for the safe disposal of used medical needles. Final closure seal prevents the container from being opened after use.


Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of premature death and male workers over 40 working in remote locations are most at risk. A portable defribrillator with step by step instructions and no risk of shocking in error, saves lives.

Pocket Mask

Pocket sized mask designed for mouth to mouth ventilation of a non-breathing adult or child supplied in a durable clamshell case.