Every year thousands of workers are affected by breathing airborne dust which is hazardous to their health. The effects can be debilitating and expensive. Providing respirators that are comfortable and fit for purpose is critical for their protection and yours.

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Hearing Protection

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) remains the second leading occupational illness behind ergonomic issues. 30% of workers are exposed to hazardous levels of noise during their working day. NIHL is permanent and irreversible, but it is preventable. (*source H & S Executive NIHL in GB.)

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Hearing  Protection
Head  Protection
Head Protection

Adequate head protection, generally in the form of a "hard hat" is an essential & often mandatory piece of kit for workers (and site visitors) who may be at risk of falls, collapsing structures and in other high risk environments. Our range of Head Protection provides a perfect blend of comfort, stability and balance to ensure wearer acceptance, even in the most arduous of environments.

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Workwear Gloves

There are 1 million work related hand injuries each year worldwide. 60% could be prevented by wearing the correct protective glove. Why would you not? Our extensive range has been selected to protect your workforce.

Fall Arrest

Violations cited against inadequate Fall Protection tops the list each year according to OSHA; resulting in tragic fatalities and huge fines. For workers who are working at hazardous elevations – above lower levels – the supply of appropriate fall protection is not only a legal requirement, but a critical part of your PPE safety strategy.


Advanced technology now allows you to wear protective eyewear that is lightweight, comfortable and durable. Additional features include: anti-mist, anti-scratch and waterproof coatings.