Good to go safety
Good to go safety

Equipment tagging and checklist systems to help improve workplace safety, reduce maintenance costs and comply with legislation. Simply attach a tag and complete the relevant equipment checklist.

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Restricted Access
Restricted access prohibition signs are a vital tool for the safety of workers and the general public. Their appropriate use will ensure you comply with Health & Safety Regulations. Shop Now
Restricted  Access
Fire Fighting  Equipment Signs
Fire Fighting Equipment Signs

Few of us would question the life changing consequences which can result from a fire and yet the majority of workplace fires are caused by human error. The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety order (2005) dictates any non-automatic firefighting equipment should be positioned and signposted in accordance with regulations BS EN ISO 7010.2012.

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Hazard Packing

The carriage of dangerous goods is highly regulated and suppliers must label products with internationally recognised (GHS) symbols so that those handling the goods or chemicals know the nature of the hazard they present.

Traffic Cones

Stackable, reflective, durable and lightweight traffic cones to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner or to provide advance warning of hazards or dangers. Can be used on roads or footpaths.

Workplace Posters

Visually engaging, cartoon style safety posters communicate critical safety warnings. Produced on tough, durable, wipe clean synthetic paper which does not tear or delaminate. Suitable for internal and external use.