Q. What is Mi365?

A. Mi365 is "YOUR" total web management system which saves you the hassle of maintaining separate PPE records; available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Q. Do I have to pay to use Mi365?

A. If you are a Safeaid customer, then our response is a resounding NO!

Q. Any hidden fees or contract?

A. None whatsoever. No surprises or annual renewals here!

Q. Do I have to be a Safeaid customer to have access to Mi365?

A. Yes

Q. You have mentioned "control" on several occasions, what do you mean?

A. Purchasing for example can be safely delegated, while YOU retain control of your costs and ensure only compliant product is ordered.

Q. Can I make an exception on an ad hoc basis?

A. Yes, the authorised user can override the approved product list.

Q. If I am on site, can I access Mi365 via my tablet or phone?

A. Yes. Mi365 has been designed & developed with mobile applications in mind. We do however recommend computer use for uploading/downloading large amounts of data.

Q. What type of reports are available?

A. Reports are available by company as a whole, by employee, branch or purchaser.

Q. How secure is my information? I don't want competitors to see what we buy or pay?

A. Your information is absolutely secure. At no point will any other Safeaid customer be able to view your company information or data.

Q. Some of our sites have hundreds of employees; do I have to enter each name manually to keep a record?

A. No, Mi365 has been designed to save you time, not add to it. You have the ability to download, amend and upload an excel file. Should you encounter problems, simply send us your excel spreadsheet and we will upload the data for you. You can then maintain records in the usual way.

Q. What will I be able to see on my trade dashboard?

A. Your trade dashboard provides "at a glance" information pertaining to your account, for example: Full order history, wearer and manpack reports and a host of other useful information.

Terms & Conditions of Use apply:
Data held within Mi365 remains the property of Safeaid LLP at all times